Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welding and its five ws

Welding is a vast field and it is known fact that the welding industries rely on the process of welding for their production. Some basic concepts in welding enhance you to improve your knowledge in this field and also you can know different facts about the welding process, welders and other things that are related with welding. Five ws is nothing, but a famous concept used in journalism and police investigations. It is called as basic information gathering process in which you can able to get much basic information. These are called five ws and they are who? When? Why? What? Where? Let us precede our information gathering concept in this way

What is called as welders and what are the different types of welders available?

Why plasma cutter is called as the scientific welding machine?

Who uses the welding processes the most?

When was the welding process formed?

Where to get the efficient welders?

What is called as welder and what are the different types of welding machines available?

Welder is a machine that does the welding process in a most efficient way and most of the people get confused with the term welder and weldor. As said above, welder is a welding machine and the weldor is the people who do this welding process. The different types of welding machines available are tig welder, arc welders, mig welding machine, plasma cutters and etc are the different types of welding machines available.

Why plasma cutter is called as the scientific welding machine?

Plasma cutting machine is called as the scientific welding machine because in this process it uses the gas called plasma and it is a state of matter that is used in science. It does the process in a accurate and faster way and performs the dual role and act as both plasma cutting and arc gouging machine.

When was the welding process formed?

This process was formed before several millennia and the earliest examples are Bronze Age and Iron Age and middle age is the period that brought some advances in welding. In the year 1540, the vannoccio published the descriptions that include forge operation. In 1802, the Russian scientist proposed the practical applications of electric arc that also includes welding. In world war, the welding processes were widely used and 1920 was the year in which some major advances in welding technology and machines were used.

Who uses the welding processes the most?

As stated in the starting of the article, the manufacturing industries use this process the most and industries like, ship building, aircraft, motor manufacturing, automotive industries, electronic industries and in construction industries the welding process is widely used.

Where to get efficient welders?

Search in internet, you get a variety of manufactures who provide these welding machines in a quality and efficient way. Search for the best products in the market and also, before buying those machines, make sure that you get the machines that are quality and that have efficient duty cycle.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tig welder, arc welder and plasma cutter- the best welding machines

Welding machines are essential for good welding process and an industry that uses welding process needs proper welding equipment and tools. Here, in this article, we are going to see the three best welding machines and its uses. They are none other than tig welders, plasma cutter and arc welders. This three welding process are widely used in many industries, for example, when you see tig welding, it is a welding process that allows for stronger and higher quality welds and most of the engineers prefer for gas tungsten arc welding because it has low hydrogen properties and matches well with the mechanical and chemical properties of the base material. Arc welding was the old type of welding process, but still now it is popular due to its weld characteristics.

Plasma cutting uses new technology and it cuts steel and other metals of different thickness. Ok, let us now proceed into these welders and its uses, and also let us see from last to first. We will start with plasma cutter, the modern industry depend upon heavy metals and alloys and metals are extremely strong and at the same time it is also has some weak characteristics. To cut a metal is not so easy and that too it needs to be cut precisely so how can you cut and manipulate the metals precisely. For all these questions, a new machine was introduced and it is called as plasma cutter. When you see conceptually, it is extremely simple and come in all shapes and sizes. It is compact and used largely in auto shops and car manufacturers. When you buy this welding machine, consider the way it is made and look for the one that cuts most of the time.

When you look for this machine consider what you will be cutting most of the time and do not have a one that undercut the metal you are working with most of the time. Check the capacity of the machine you are going to buy and also get a plasma cutting machine that cuts faster than others. The myth that surrounding the arc welder is that it is more expensive and can be used only by large companies, but it is not true, the arc welding machine that exists now are much more affordable and can be used by all types of industries. Find which arc welders are you going to buy and see its demonstration and learn how to use them so that you can get a type you need. The last, but not least is tig welders and tig welding depend upon consumables such as tungsten electrode and it is a specialized welder that cannot be found in many stores and with the help of this welding machine, you can weld two different pieces of metals that are thick and can weld together without using filler.

So when you buy these machines, look for the one that are best and quality in both price and piece. Get a good machine and weld safely.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tig Welder - All You Need to Know

One of the welding processes that grants greater control over other welding process and allow for stronger and higher quality welds is called as tig welding and it is normally used to weld thin sections of stainless steel, aluminium and more metals in an easy way. There is always a myth surrounding this welding process and it is, this process in more complex to weld and difficult to master, but it is not true now. Yes, once upon a time, this fact was true, but now everything has been changed and in the market, you can find a welder that welds excellently and efficiently. That much development has been made in this process. In this article, let us see about the tig welder and all about it. Tig stands for tungsten inert gas welding and it uses the consumable electrode called tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

The tig welder is generally more advanced than mig welding and with sufficient practice and capability; anyone can become as the master of this welder and can do the welding process in an easy way. Most of the buyers who buy this welder appreciate this unit due to its portability and economy and it is designed to weld any type of steel or stainless material. This welding machine makes repair easy in the field and it fits neatly into about any settings. This welder is fully capable of handling business on its own since it has the unique amperage of combination and features. There are different types of tig welding machines available and they are power I-tig200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200DX, powertig 225LX, powertig 250EX and powertig 315DX. All these types of welders are of inverter type and it is of Infineon IGBT inverter type.

All these types of tig welder have over current warning facility and has maximum input amps and running amps. These welding machines are stable and has smooth arc characteristic with good puddle wet in. It is portable and light weight and adjustable welding parameters for welding operation. It has good duty cycle and it can withstand for many hours and do not leave out any poisonous or polluted gases so these welders are also called as environment and user friendly welding machines. It has a pulse function that increases the weld quality and reduces the overall heat input. It is easy to connect and the accessories allow you to set up this machine quickly and easily. You can take it anywhere you go since it is compact and portable.

This welding machine is fully of digital type and has digital readout for accurate setting of amperage and control. It is suitable to use anywhere since it has been protected properly. You can use this tig welding machine in all types of applications and can achieve good and quality welding. If you buy this welding machine, it is sure that you can enjoy numerous benefits from this welding machine.

Source: arc welders

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Overview About Plasma Cutter

The important and useful welders in the manufacturing industry are plasma cutter and in this article, let us see a brief overview on plasma cutter. The plasma cutting machine is called as the scientific welding machine due to its process and development and it has been very useful to the manufacturing industries. This plasma cutting process was developed nearly twenty years ago and when it was introduced, it was primarily used for cutting stainless steel and aluminum, but now it has been used for different metals. In metal fabrication industry, it is one of the important tools and it makes clean cuts through metal. This modern welding machine uses high temperature so the user can cut any metal with accuracy and speed. It is called as the oldest welding machine since it has been in used from world war and now it has been implemented with new features so that it can be easily used.

The plasma cutter uses the gas called inert gas and through electric current, it cuts the metal with ease and it remains as a very effective tool in industries that need this welding machine. The advantage of this welder is it uses this high energy called plasma and it has the nozzle with passage so that the gas can easily pass through. It creates a hot spark when it is charged with electricity and held close to the metal to be cut. This welder is capable of cutting any metals with ease because the plasma gas can build that much degree hot Celsius and it even cut big sheets of metal like a cake through its extremely accelerated rate and energy. It is available in an affordable price and you can buy your own plasma cutter in a cheap price with different features and warranty.

This plasma cutting machine is available in various size and shapes and though it is available in different configurations, it works on the same principle. It can cut different shapes of metals easily and accurately and the user can cut any type of metal with full accurate speed and with good skill level. This welding machine is used in car manufacturing companies, auto shops and even construction companies use this welder to fabricate huge beams and metal sheet goods. It is also used in cnc machinery along with computer control so that the user can cut it with controlled information and data rates. These cutting machines have become more affordable and economical to use so that even artists can use it as a medium for art.

The plasma cutter is used in different variety of conditions and it is used in different industries for different purposes. It is available in different types and all the types are of inverter type and it has over current warning facility. So when you buy this scientific welding machine, buy with care and try to get it from the best manufacturers so that you can get the good welder in a good price with good features.

Source: Arc welders